As per google, HTML or HTML5 tags are the most searched query in programming guidelines. Though, learning HTML is quite simple and straightforward but it's size and obviousness sometimes makes it easy to forget and having a handy guide, reference or cheat sheet is always a good idea.


This cheat sheet not only contains list of all HTML and HTML5 tags but also best practices, important points and related information about each tags. You can bookmark this page for future reference or take a printout of the given document to master HTML in a better and easy way.

In this cheat sheet we will discuss precisely HTML syntax, tags and important points about them calling it "Nuggets".

1. List of Tags

HTML and HTML5 Cheat Sheet in .pdf format

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Anything you want to show in browser as webpage or document needs an understanding of HTML. From sophisticated webpage to a simple report generation for the unittest, we need HTML. Hence, it becomes important to have proficiency in HTML for every developer. Though the design and working of HTML script is not very hard to understand but varieties of tags and their attributes often make developer forgetful about their grasp on the HTML. This cheat sheet will be helpful and one-stop go solution for every developer.

Here, in the cover page you can find the Index of the content in the cheat sheet. Following are the categories under which tags or elements are divided:

Table 1. HTML elements index in cheat sheet with page number
Elements category List of elements Page No.

Document Summary and Information Tags

html, head, title, body, base, meta, link, style, script and noscript


Document Structuring Tags

heading, div, span, p, br and hr


Text Formatting Tags

strong, small, em, code, samp, kbd, var, i, b, tt, strike, cite, del, ins, blockquote, q, abbr, address, dfn, sub and sup


Anchor and Image Tags

anchor tag and it's attributes, img, map and area


List and Form Tags

List tags: ul, ol, li, dl, dt, dd and form


Input Tag

fieldset, legend, label, input tag and it's attributes


Select Tag

select, option tags



table, caption, thead, tbody, tfoot, tr, th, td, colgroup, col, oject


Object and Iframe

object, iframe, param and embed


List of HTML5 New Tags

New Semantic/Structural elements, form elements, input types, new attributes syntax, graphics elements and media elements


List of Character Objects

Char, Number, Entity name and their description


html cheat sheet for 2019 new tag included cover page

Under Document Summary Tags we find tags/elements which summarizes the documents in a concise way. These elements are very important with aspect of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) to improve the ranking of your website during indexing by Search Engines.

While HTML tag is root element and ensures that a webpage is HTML document. Other tags like HEAD, TITLE, BODY are essential parts of skeleton of HTML document. Always remember to save your HTML document as correct unicode type. Most preferable is "UTF-8" so that it renderes Multi-byte characters too in webpage.

html cheat sheet for 2019 document summary tags html head title body

Under Document Information Tags, the "base" tag is often missed by web developer and it's right usage can go long way in giving webpage a modular design where change in links, paths can be easily handled.

"meta" tag with it's different attributes has gain importance in last decade when the competition for bringing one's webpage in top result in search result has become brutal. Hence, a web developer can't afford to ignore or less use the power of meta tags.

"link" tag is for linking to system based file path or an online resources like CSS, font path and JS libraries.

"style" tag in HTML document is a good way to include CSS elements in HTML if Styles are larger than not to include as inline and smaller than having it maintained in separate CSS file.

"script" tag is for including client-side JavaScript inside HTML document or linking external JavaScript file with "src" attribute.

"noscript" tag provides a message to user that there browser doesn't support JavaScript and they need to change settings of browser to enable JavaScript.

html cheat sheet for 2019 document information tags base meta link style script noscript

Under "Document Structuring Tags" we listed out tags which helps giving webpage a structure like heading, blocks based design using "div" tag, inline design layout using "span" tag, "p" tag for paragraph display and "hr"/"br" tag for horizontal rule and break rule.

html cheat sheet document structuring tags headings div span p br hr

Under "Text Formatting tags", we listed out tags which helps in formatting of tags which helps in better display and representation of text data. Often formatting of text is done using custom CSS instead of using HTML elements. Text formatting elements available in HTML are: strong, em, code, samp, kbd, var, i, b, strike, cite, del, ins, blockquote, q, abbr, address, dfn, sub and sup tags.

html cheat sheet for 2019 text formatting tags strong small em code i b strike cite blockquote

Anchor tag used to define destination hyperlink and can be attached with text, image or any element. Below are all attributes that can be used in anchor tag.

Image tag used to . Here are all attributes that can be used in image tag along with "map" and "area" tag.

html cheat sheet for 2019 anchor image tag map area

List tag are the most commonly used tag while formatting the text in professional way. It can also be used to create menus, dropdown and any other UI components where uniformity across several elements are to be implemented. List tag when combined with CSS can exhibit beautiful UI features.

It is quite common that most of the web developer never or rarely use the powerful List tags like "dl", "dd" and "dt" elements. We have listed them too with precise descriptions.

Form tag used for designing forms where user can input his enteries and submit it. Below are the attributes of form tag with few more tags like "fieldset", "legend" and "label". Input tag with all it's attributes and details are listed below.

Rendered UI for below code html cheat sheet for 2019 form child elements fieldset legend label input tag

Often it is found that seasoned and experienced web developers also struggle to implement select menu or drop down menu at one go. They also look for online help and syntax. "select" and "option" tags are few of those forgetful tags in HTML which needs regular revision and lookups.

html cheat sheet for 2019 input tag attributes types select option

Table element is one of the most simple tag to be used in HTML, but most often web developer don't use it in best way. Usage of "caption", "thead", "tfoot" and "colgroup" are often ignored. Also, too much emphasis on CSS also leads to cross-browser inconsistent UI. Hence, usage of HTML tags for table is highly suggested.

html cheat sheet for 2019 select option tag attribute table caption

In the age of social media and multi-media laden webpages, it's highly suggetive for any apsiring web developer to learn about "object" and "iframe" elements and their usage in correct way. Here is the precise and complete information about tags used to embed multi-media objects like "object", "iframe", "param" and "embed".

html cheat sheet for 2019 table tag thead tbody tfoot tr th td object iframe

There are many new tags introduced in HTML5 in last few years because of rising richness and responsiveness of webpages these days. These tags are concisely categorised under categories like: Semantic/Structural elements, Text-formatting, Form elements, Input types, Graphics and Media elements.

html cheat sheet for 2019 iframe param embed html5 new tag html cheat sheet for 2019 html5 new tag new form input types attributes graphic

In HTML webpage, for rendering some special mathematical, technical or currency symbols we need HTML entity name. Here are the list of few common symbols with their entity names.

html cheat sheet for 2019 list of character objects

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HTML and HTML5 Cheat Sheet in .pdf format

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